About CPG

Capital Performance Group is a management consulting firm located at 1331 H Street NW in Washington, DC.  CPG was founded in 2001 and provides advisory, planning, analytic, and project management services to the financial services industry, serving primarily domestic U.S. based clients.  The majority of the firm’s clients are banks, but we also work with investment companies, industry trade associations, vendors to the industry, and government agencies involved in the financial services industry. 

Many of our senior consulting members have, on average, more twenty years of experience working with financial services companies as strategists, marketers, and operational managers, and have worked in the industry at companies including JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and Fidelity Investments. We understand what drives performance in the financial services industry and how to help our clients meet their business and financial objectives.

At its core, CPG is a strategy consulting firm.  We work to provide value to our clients by delivering proven solutions to critical business issues, empowering decision-makers with relevant, concise, well-organized information, and creating work practices that get things done faster and with better results.  As a small, entrepreneurial company, CPG offers professional and financial growth opportunities for its analysts that bigger firms cannot match!

What Makes Us Unique
  • Experience. We are knowledgeable industry veterans. Our full-time professionals and experienced subcontractor team average over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry.
  • Focus. We are financial services specialists and have developed unique tools and methodologies to address specific business issues.
  • Practicality. We know what it takes to implement and manage strategic initiatives. We provide hands-on assistance and actionable advice. 

How We Provide Value to Our Clients

  • Deliver proven solutions to critical business issues.
  • Empower decision-makers with relevant, concise, well-organized information.
  • Provide structure and facilitation to get things done more quickly and with better results.
  • Supplement internal resources to ensure opportunities are addressed and goals are achieved in a timely and effective manner.