The Blogosphere: "All Banks Are Evil"

March 18, 2009 at 1:32 PM
On Monday, Aaron Patzer, Founder and CEO of, gave a speech as part of a panel on Finance 2.0. The panel spoke to the issue of saving the younger generation - presumably from the evil banks, as no banks took part or were likely even invited to the event. Patzer, during his speech, is quoted as having said, "Most banks are evil." This has generated some significant buzz in the blog world; Patzer even had to respond with a blog post of his own to try to qualify his statement (see article on the panel discussion in the following link; be forewarned that comments on this article in this blog site, should you choose to view them, contain some harsh language as these comments are not "edited")
Patzer has an interesting business and has garnered a substantial following among Gen Y consumers. Bankers need to worry a great deal about this type of message and the speed with which it travels throughout the socially networked world. Bankers need to get plugged into the conversation and do so with an intent to learn something about bringing value to a new type of consumer.
Do any of you feel plugged in? Let me know.

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