Engineering a Complete Channel Experience

December 13, 2010 at 1:16 PM
Many banks have a tendency to manage their delivery channels in a non-integrated manner, which can create a disjointed customer experience.  A recent Harvard Business Review article argues that this is detrimental to the customer experience, and that businesses should take the exact opposite approach when creating and marketing products. Instead of looking at how customers will use an individual delivery channel, such as a branch, online banking, or call center, banks need to consider the customer experience across all channels in totality. Banks need to account for the fact that shopping and transaction patterns can vary by individual and will not always be linear. Customer experience mapping, which looks at all the different options and touch points that a customer will have with their bank, is one way that banks can approach this problem and start making the entire customer experience better than just the sum of its parts.
For more information and examples of this concept, check out the article “Using Customer Journey Maps to Improve Customer Experience” by Adam Richardson:

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