Update on the 2012 ABA National Conference for Community Bankers

February 23, 2012 at 11:46 AM
Mary Beth Sullivan, Managing Partner of CPG, facilitated the $500MM CEO Peer Exchange Session where more than 75 CEOs met to discuss challenges and opportunities in the business today. Some of the more animated discussions revolved around:
  1. Opportunities for continued efficiency improvements: best practices for renegotiating vendor contracts, streamlining staff responsibilities, and outsourcing
  2. New revenue opportunities: making money in insurance, wealth management, and other fee-based businesses
  3. Managing the examination process and compliance responsibilities: creating new staff positions that separate crisis management from broader compliance duties
  4. The role of the branch channel going forward: major transformations needed to keep the channel relevant
Many topics were covered in this 1.5 hour session, and many best practices were shared. If you have something to share or would like to discuss the challenges and opportunities you see in the business today, give Mary Beth a call at 202-337-7872 or send her an email.

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